My suggested antivirus

Here at iPing we have been working closley with Eset using there Smart Security Solution. This application Combines firewall and antispam with ESET Antivirus package and it gives your PC total protection from threats on the Internet. It is also packaged with a junk module that will filter out those e-mails that you do […]

Ninite – Multiple app installer Stumbled on this at Idea is when on a new computer, or someone’s who doesn’t have any apps installed, instead of downloading them one at a time and having to hit Next, Next, Next, etc… you can click all the apps you want, download them all at once, and it installs them all […]

Viewing your IP settings on Windows.

In this post you will learn how to view your IP settings on your PC using a DOS window and the command ipconfig. Used for networking your PC and troubleshooting network issues.