Windows 7: A Dublin Review from the Customer’s Point of View

The big question is… should we embrace or avoid Windows 7? This is the question I am going examine in this entry and I hope that I will be able to help you make an informed choice about whether to adopt Windows 7.

IT, Computer & Phone Support in Dublin

Providing support to the array of companies in Dublin and it’s surrounding area is something that we really enjoy doing here at iPing. We work hard at helping people who are having issues with their computers, servers & printers.

Improving your Computer’s Performance!!

If your computer is starting to run slow then it is time that you were thinking of tuning it. CCleaner is an excellent and free application that you can use to speed up the performance of your computer and it is one of the tools that the iPing engineers use when performing health checks on […]

Guide to Virtualization

In the past it was a requirement that every important application (e.g. web server, file and print server, database server) that companies relied on was installed on it’s own independent piece of hardware. One reason for this was that if the application crashed and brought the server down the other applications on the server would […]

Defragging Your Computer

When you save files to your hard disk, they are broken into small manageable blocks and then saved on to the hard disk. When there is enough space on your hard disk to save all of the blocks together on your computer, your computer will do this. Having all the blocks of a file continuously […]