25 Years of PC viruses

Today is the 25th anniversary of the first virus that was written for the PC and I thought it was worth mentioning this on the blog. It was quite apt that we had a customer phone in today saying that they had been infected by a virus. Nothing was working and they wanted to know […]

Useful Windows 7 Features …

Although XP is still a very big player in the home and business computer world , its becoming apparent that Windows 7 will soon takeover as old pc’s give up and need replacing… I know it can be daunting moving onto a new operating system, and getting used to it can take time, so over the […]

iPing Podcast #7 Dr Tim in Da House!

Welcome listeners to Episode Number 7 Presenters: Mark Kelly, Hugh Mooney Guest Presenter: Tim Rampton News: Myspace layoff 50% of workforce. 500 people.  Rupert Murdoch ready to sell? Micro-USB Cellphone Charger Becomes EU Standard Apple: iPhone hit by NYE alarm clock bug… again… CES: the rise of Android Tablets. Discussion: Bare minimum tech items/gadgets you’d […]

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy

Having pondered for many hours, wondering which smartphone to buy and trawling through many reviews online, I settled on the Samsung Galaxy. So why did I choose this one? Well my prerequisite was for business use, geared around IT computer support and this phone, on paper, seemed to fit the bill. Having bought the 8gb version, […]