Fast IT Service

We are living in a knowledge era, where everyone is so dependent on technology and requires their IT to work at all times. Given these requirements, just how fast should your IT service company respond to your calls? In the past, IT service companies have given Next Business Day (NBD) support and this was OK […]

Data Backup & IT Services

If you are responsible for IT Services in your company then data backup is something that you regularly need to think about. You may just be responsible for calling your IT provider if a problem occurs and if this is the case you need to ask your IT provider regularly about your data backup. A […]

Helping your IT Service Provider Fix your Problems

In this blog, I am going to look at a really useful method that can be used to help show your IT service provider the problems you are having, without them having to attand your office or connect to your computer. The feature of Windows 7 that we are going to look at is called Problem Step Recorder […]