Protect Your Power To Protect Your IT

If you are running and servers or important IT on your premise it is important that you consider the safety of the power feeding this computer equipment.

In many of the Dublin areas there can be sudden an unexpected power cuts that may only last seconds or minutes but can stretch for hours. So for this reason it is important to have some backup power in place.

For a company who has a few servers you will need a good UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) in essence these are big batteries that your IT equipment runs from should you have a power cut. When the UPS is configured correct they will shut your server down properly while you wait for the power to come back on.

For larger IT configurations a generator may be needed as backup to the UPS though we have mainly seen them used where the power must stay on 24/7/365

If you have a small office and your IT infrastructure mainly in the cloud it is still important to have surge protectors to protect your computers from the random power cuts and surges.

So don’t just assume you have a UPS in place ask your Managed IT provider or pop us a line here at iPing and we will help answer the question.