The importance of e-mail to your business!

Posted on March 10, 2016 by in email


Cast your mind back thirty years into the business world of the 80’s to have a view of how business people communicated then and you will find that the main modes of communication were.

  1. Letters
  2. Faxes
  3. Phone calls

Now shift on to the present day and you can see that the computer and e-mail has pretty much got rid of the FAX and it has demoted the letter to a service that usually is used to follow up a series of emails with.

For me the two mail factors email has played are

  • Speeding up the communication cycle from one communication per every day or two to being able to shoot emails over and back every ten minutes. This means the business cycle can be speeded up and decisions can now be made much faster.
  • The communication cost of doing business has also been reduced as we no longer have the same vast amounts of stamps, curriers and delivery trucks to pay for to allow for the same communication that comes at a very low cost all things considered with e-mail.

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