Our First Server

It was a momentous week here in iPing this week as we decommissioned the first ever server that we had installed for our first ever client. See the picture above

Over the years this server has had quite a few upgrades to keep it working and even up to being decommissioned, it was still working well which is something the boys in the office are very proud of!

You might wonder then why was this server decommissioned now. We decided with the customer that even though it  was still working it made far more sense to replace it before it stopped working.

It  makes sense to replace computers and servers before they fail as the time lost and inconvenience caused by a failure usually outweighs the cost of replacing a server.

It is much easier to replace a server or PC when you get to decide when and you can pick a time that works with your schedule.

If you are looking to get a new server or replace an old server, contact the team in iPing.

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