Dreaded Cryptolocker Virus

We have just come across an instance where a company employee opened a file that was sent to them by someone they did not know.

Once this file was opened it started to encrypt the information on the employee’s computer and also the section of the server that that user had access to.

We caught this virus quickly and there was a good backup in place so the company got out of this potentially disastrous situation with a few hours down time and some egg on the face of the employee who opened the file.

It is worth saying that the antivirus was up to date on this computer but it did not pick up this threat. The antivirus software is not infallible and employees need to be educated not to open files sent to them from people they do not know and even if they do know the person it may not even be a good idea to open the files.

There are many things that can be done to help lower the chances of these kind of attacks happening but it is so important to have a robust backup in place should a new variant of a virus get into your network.

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  1. Sneaky software, most of the latest variants infect the network shares and delete the shadow copies.

  2. admin says:

    Yea 100% Matt! As you know it is the reason why people need to have a good backup in place also!

  3. Jared Jake says:

    In a software company every client has so many information in their system. They downloaded so many software related information, so there is the chance of detection of virus. And these virus are severely affect the system, so your system will become slow down. So in your system you should install the antivirus. In your blog the way you explain the dreaded cryptolocker virus are really beneficial.

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