Company Email

Posted on August 2, 2017 by in email

When it comes to raising the credibility of your company, one of the things that will help is your email address. The number of times I have seen a company who have their own website such as and use a Gmail email address or something similar. Your email address must tie in to and relate to your website URL. does not really relate or tie into

You should be asking yourself what email address are you using now and do you only have one email address for your company? If you are still using a Gmail or something similar as your email address the time has come to change it and move to company email. You need to have a proper company email address and the more employees you have in your company the more company email addresses you will need.

So, what are the advantages of company email?
Your email address is another communication tool used by clients and perspective clients to contact you, and having just one email address will make it harder for you to contact them and to keep track of any queries that have been emailed to you. As your business grows you will be able to add more email addresses. Email addresses can be easily setup on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets which allows you and your sales people to be contactable 24×7. By having email addresses that look after specific functions such as accounts queries, prospective client queries or job applications you can deal with any emails that you get promptly.

iPing provide managed services and IT services and we can help provide you with an overview of your email setup and how you can improve it by moving to a proper company email setup. So, if you need some help with the above please contact us or give us a call on 01 5241350.