Online Backups

Online Backups is the backbone of modern business, it should be one of the first things that your business should have as standard equipment and it should be one of the first bills that you pay every month.

So, what exactly are online backups?
Online backups are backups of all your files which are stored in the cloud, and the files backed up can include data such as word files or an image of your hard disk. Images of your hard disk is where an exact copy of your hard disk is made which will include your OS (operating system) and all your computers settings.

Why should you use be using online backups?
Online backups are to protect you from the following scenarios:
Your computers are stolen from your premises resulting in you losing data and any software that you might have installed on them, especially software that is bespoke, not available anymore or expensive.

Your business premises gets water damage due to floods or burst pipes resulting in your computers been damaged beyond repair.
Your computers get a virus or malware resulting in files getting damaged or lost.

The hard disks in one of your computers fail’s and you must replace it.
Files on your computers get deleted by mistake, and this is a lot more common than you might think.

iPing provide managed services and IT services and we can help provide you with an overview of your backup setup and how you can improve it by moving to an online backup setup. So, if you need some help with the above please contact us or give us a call on 01 5241350.



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