Remote Support

When you had a problem with your computer, at work you used to have to call the I.T. department or your external tech support on the phone and they either talked you through various solutions which would include the well-known phrase “Have you rebooted your computer?”. They might also personally come to you and fix your computer for you if the advice they gave you over the phone did not resolve the issue you had. Thankfully times have changed, and with the great advances made in I.T. software and hardware, it’s now possible to fix any computer issues you may have remotely via remote support tools.

Remote support tools are I.T. tools and software that will enable your I.T. department or external tech support to connect to your computer directly from their computer via the internet, and one of the most popular ways of doing this is by allowing desktop sharing. Of course, there are two major concerns that must be noted, privacy and security.

Any user that allows remote access to their computers must have their privacy and security fears allayed, and this is where trust comes into play. When you have someone internally or externally looking after all your I.T. infrastructure, making sure that any issues can be easily dealt with, you must be able to trust them and let them get on with doing their job. What you don’t want is staff wondering if they can trust someone else with any of the data stored on their computer or their passwords.

Of course, the major benefits of using remote support tools is that it cuts down costs such as transport expenses, time spent dealing with an issue and it also allows any issues to be dealt with quickly. If your tech support is not based in the same building as you, they might have to call out to visit you and every little call out adds up resulting in higher costs, but if they can fix your computer remotely their fees won’t be as high. Another issue is that whenever you are dealing with someone over the phone, you are never too sure if they will be able to follow any advice or instructions that you give over the phone, which means it will take longer to fix, but fixing the issue remotely means you can fix a lot more computers daily.

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