Search not working after upgrading to Microsoft Office 2016 / Office 365

We have seen a few cases popping up recently where we upgraded some of our managed IT service customers to office 2016. After the upgrade our clients were not able to search their email. Now as you all know with the volume of email we all get these if the search function is not working […]

Your Phone Is Now Your Computer

It looks like we are seeing the next step towards the end of the PC from Microsoft.  With this new PC experience that is being provided by the current Microsoft phone the only limiting factor is processing power of the phone. This really shows what Microsoft thinking is being Windows 10 and getting all your […]

Get Your Free Copy Of Windows 10

Over the past few days we have started seeing a notice from Microsoft in the bottom right hand corner of Windows. The notice is to let you know you can now upgrade to Windows 10. Firstly we wish to reassure our clients – this is an official message from Microsoft and it is safe to […]

Windows Server 2003 Is Going End Of Life

As the old adage goes, all good things must come to an end. This was true for Windows XP and now on July 14th 2015 it will also be true for Windows Server 2003. Just like when Windows XP went end of life, Microsoft stopped supporting it and releasing patches etc for it and so […]

Fake Microsoft IT Support Call

I just received a call from someone pertaining to be from Microsoft telling me that there was a problem with my computer. The person said that he would be more than happy to help me find the problem on my computer and then they could help me fix it. Just to further set the scene […]

Did someone just hack my email?

Over the past few months we have seen a sharp increase in the number of phishing emails people are receiving from a contact that they know telling them that they have a document to download. A phishing email is one where a nasty hacker tries to get information from you without you knowing like your […]

Selecting Phone System / PABX For Your Company

A business phone system or a PABX is critical to the running of your business and we recommend that a business should aim to have the best one that it can afford.  With this in mind it is worth spending some time on selecting the best phone system for your business as it is one […]

Google Apps V Microsoft Office 365

The battle ground has been well and truly defined now and the first shots have been fired in the war between Google and Microsoft for top spot in cloud word processing and apps that will help your business to thrive. Google are designing their offering from the ground up and this is offering them great […]

Big Data

It is likely that when someone says ‘Big Data’ to you, you either think that this is for multinational companies, you think that it sounds expensive or you may not know what it is. In this article I am going to explain what ‘Big Data’ is and also have a look at a possible uses […]

Good Password Management Gives Peace Of Mind.

Here are some tips that I have come to use while being in the IT services business for the past fifteen years. The suggestions below may seem like a bit of a pain but this little bit of pain will also help keep your important information a little bit safer. For your main Email account […]