iPing Podcast #7 Dr Tim in Da House!

Welcome listeners to Episode Number 7 Presenters: Mark Kelly, Hugh Mooney Guest Presenter: Tim Rampton News: Myspace layoff 50% of workforce. 500 people.  Rupert Murdoch ready to sell? Micro-USB Cellphone Charger Becomes EU Standard Apple: iPhone hit by NYE alarm clock bug… again… CES: the rise of Android Tablets. Discussion: Bare minimum tech items/gadgets you’d […]

Ninite – Multiple app installer

http://ninite.com Stumbled on this at http://lifehacker.com Idea is when on a new computer, or someone’s who doesn’t have any apps installed, instead of downloading them one at a time and having to hit Next, Next, Next, etc… you can click all the apps you want, download them all at once, and it installs them all […]