Mobile Broadband Comparison

Taking a look this week at the costs of Mobile Broadband to the average SME and trying to choose which plan is best for you and your needs. Advantages of Mobile Broadband You have broadband no matter where you are (or nearly). As long as you can get mobile coverage then you can also get […]

How important is it to Obfuscate your Data?

Obfuscate: the concealment of intended meaning in communication, making communication confusing, intentionally ambiguous, and more difficult to interpret. Or to us normal people: Hide, and in this context: Hiding Data I really can’t stress enough how important this is. For any web-based service that allows the storage or presentation of information that could be misused […]

News-Flash! License to Kill

If you’re reading this in the comfort of your infinitely superior Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari browser, warming at the thought of all those out there running Internet Explorer getting hit by all the malicious hacks, while you surf in comfortable bliss – think again. You might very well be one of them. You […]

How Social is your Network?

You can call it the Internet, Intranet, WiFi, Broadband, Dialup – whatever you wish – is essence though you are connecting your PC to a network of some sort – and chances are these days that you’re not the only person connected to it. The more ‘social’ you make your network to other people the more likely you’ll have visitors – and chances are they’re not the kind you’d welcome…