Online Backups

Online Backups is the backbone of modern business, it should be one of the first things that your business should have as standard equipment and it should be one of the first bills that you pay every month. So, what exactly are online backups? Online backups are backups of all your files which are stored […]

Planning for the future, suggestions for your compute network

Planning for the future is something that every business must do, as it is a great way of budgeting what your proposed spend on I.T. over a set number of years will be. Ideally, this should be done every five years but some businesses might do this every seven years. When you are doing this, […]

Is it time to upgrade your computer or replace it?

A question that is being asked more and more is, is it time to upgrade my computer or replace it? As your computer is an essential piece of equipment used daily in your office, you will have to make sure that it can run modern browsers, the latest anti-virus software, recent versions of Microsoft Office/Office […]

Update From Microsoft

Some information we just got from Microsoft I thought was wort sharing. “Research shows that our customers are actually enabling their cyber attackers: despite all the warnings, a staggering 30% of recipients open phishing messages and 12% open malicious attachments. So it’s no wonder two-thirds of cyber threats can be traced to phishing attacks. “ Please […]

Email Going Missing In Outlook 2016

I came across an interesting problem today that had me scratching my head for an hour or so and could not find anything in google to resolve the issue. I was in the office of one of our clients and he had just setup a rule in Outlook 2016 to move all the email from […]

What products on your computer are security risks?

Did you know that there may be hidden security risks in your office and that they can be found on your computer?  These security risks can make you more vulnerable to data loss and data theft.  So, what are these risks and how can you combat them? There are four main security risks that you […]

EU GDPR Legislation is 18 months away

For any organisation, big or small Data Protection is a major priority. May 25th 2018 is a date that they need to keep in their diary, as that is when the EU General Data Protection Regulation also known as GDPR comes into law. The GDPR legislation includes mandatory breach notification, which means that organisations need […]

BYOD policy

Over the past 10 years as technology has advanced in leaps and bounds and become cheaper, it has also raised the issue of BYOD. Bring Your Own Device also known as BYOD is when your employees use their own devices such as desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets in work and this can create a security issue. […]

Our First Server

It was a momentous week here in iPing this week as we decommissioned the first ever server that we had installed for our first ever client. See the picture above Over the years this server has had quite a few upgrades to keep it working and even up to being decommissioned, it was still working well which is […]

Protect Your Power To Protect Your IT

If you are running and servers or important IT on your premise it is important that you consider the safety of the power feeding this computer equipment. In many of the Dublin areas there can be sudden an unexpected power cuts that may only last seconds or minutes but can stretch for hours. So for […]