Is it time to upgrade your computer or replace it?

A question that is being asked more and more is, is it time to upgrade my computer or replace it? As your computer is an essential piece of equipment used daily in your office, you will have to make sure that it can run modern browsers, the latest anti-virus software, recent versions of Microsoft Office/Office […]

Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft has released the latest test version of its upcoming Windows 8 operating system, which is now officially in what the company calls its “final phase” of development. If past release dates of Microsoft operating systems are anything to go by, we can expect the full release of Windows 8 around September 2012. So what […]

Windows 8 Update

Latest news on Windows 8 is that it will include a reset and refresh button. The reset button will set your computer to the state it was when it was just installed. The refresh button will restore the Windows install to the out of the box state whilst keeping all of your documents and personally […]