Our First Server

It was a momentous week here in iPing this week as we decommissioned the first ever server that we had installed for our first ever client. See the picture above Over the years this server has had quite a few upgrades to keep it working and even up to being decommissioned, it was still working well which is […]

Computer Repair or Buy a new one?

I have just been working on an old computer that a customer asked me to see if I could repair it. It turns out that the computer is 10 years old My client asked me to see if i could repair it and get the computer working so her niece could use the computer to […]

Difference between Malware, Viruses, Spyware, Scare Ware, Trojans & Worms

Hi everyone just sitting in the Computer / IT command centre in Dublin and I been asked a few times recently from customers to explain to them the difference between all  of the above baddies and how they can help with my computer repair. Malware This is the general term that is used to describe all […]

iPing Podcast #5 – Ice to meet you!

Presenters: Mark Kelly, Hugh Mooney News: Facebook valued at 50 billion. Irish IMF bailout at 85b iPhone 5 announced in the next couple of weeks U.S. Shuts Down Web Sites in Piracy Crackdown Lab/Trial/Discussion: Antivirus/Malware/Trojan/Spyware – what are the different types and how to protect yourself from attack Listener email on FireSheep – Be conscious […]

Five hours of FREE IT support from iPing

The question is what can you do in FIVE hours. We did an extensive survey and here are the top things that we found that people would do in FIVE hours. 1. You could do all your Christmas shopping. 2. You could run the Dublin city marathon in FIVE hours. 3. You could go for […]

iPing Podcast #4 – Back to Work!

Presenters: Mark Kelly, Hugh Mooney News: Email from Facebook – not for business use (even for marketing companies) Google giving all of their employees a $1000 bonus and paying the taxes on it, plus a 10% increase – what does this mean for other companies? http://www.businessinsider.com/google-bonus-and-raise-2010-11 Lab/Trial/Discussion: How to know when 2-3 PCs/laptops isn’t enough […]

iPing Podcast #3 – Mobile Broadband and You!

Presenters: Mark Kelly, Hugh Mooney News: Cloud computing firm to create 70 jobs in Dublin, Facebook being sold? Report from the UK that Social networking is costing the Economy Billion euro. (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/8325865.stm) Review: Mobile Broadband Discussion: Download iPing Guide-to-selecting-an-IT-Provider. Tip of the Week: MS Office Online and SkyDrive – 25Gb Free (http://office.live.com), CCleaner (http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner) E-mail […]

Mobile Broadband Comparison

Taking a look this week at the costs of Mobile Broadband to the average SME and trying to choose which plan is best for you and your needs. Advantages of Mobile Broadband You have broadband no matter where you are (or nearly). As long as you can get mobile coverage then you can also get […]

iPing Podcast #2 – iPad or Netbook?

News: iPad now available in Ireland @ (€499) from O2, 3 and Vodafone. Salesforce.com gets Facebook as a customer on to their cloud platform. Facebook hits 500m users Interview: Noel from Fort Technologies www.forttechnologies.com Review: Netbook Reviews & why they are so good for a business user. Asus Eee PC 1005PE-PU17-BK. Tip of the Week: […]

iPing Podcast #1 – Welcome to the Podcast!

Podcast Shownotes iPing_Tech_Podcast_EP001_2010.07.18.Sun.mp3 Segment: News Apple’s issue of the rubber covers (bumper) for people who are buying the iPhone 4 Who’s selling the iPhone 4 in Ireland? Internal Dell study that found a 97 percent failure rate in hardware over a three year period. Segment: Review Nokia E72 Review What do you want us to […]